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Notion Home Design Choices Template (⚒️ Template for Construction and Home Renovations)

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You're building a new home or you're renovating, and you have a thousand design choices to make along the way. Things like what kind of tile in the bathroom, what kitchen faucet, what kind of countertop, or even what house plan layout?!

It can get overwhelming very quickly trying to save all your design options in your notes app, on sticky notes at the office, notebooks, in text messages, emails, bookmarks....the list could go on. 😰

Instead, save it all in 1 place.

➡️ Enter the 'Home Design Options' Template for Notion

Quickly save all your design ideas and keep track of your final design options with the House Design Options database system. You can save images and URLs while you're browsing the internet, or just enter in ideas that pop in your head.

⭐ PS. Are you using the Notion Construction Budget? You can save all your Design options in the same workspace as your Construction Budget or even grab the full bundle.


- You can quickly save images and track the Tag, like where you're going to use the design, such as Kitchen, Flooring, Bedrooms, etc.

You can also track:

  • Tags (where you're going to use the design)
  • Date Ordered
  • Images
  • Details or Notes
  • Item Model Number
  • Rating
  • Store
  • Idea or a Final Design Option

How to Save Your Design Choices

There are multiple ways you can quickly save any design you find:

  • Browsing the internet on your laptop? Use the Notion Web Clipper extension in Chrome to quickly save a URL and image from any website into your Home Designs template!
  • Browsing for designs from your phone? Use the official Notion iPhone/Android app! From any webpage, click the Share button > choose the Notion app > choose the Home Design Choices template.
  • Quickly enter an idea from your phone? Use the Widget from the Notion iPhone/Android app! It sits right on your home screen. All you have to do is click it and your House Design Choices template will be there.
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A House Designs Choices Template in Notion

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Notion Home Design Choices Template (⚒️ Template for Construction and Home Renovations)

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